Категорія: Curated exhibitions

In Solidarity with Ukraine. People’s Friendship Arch. Textile collage. 93″ x 170″ x 80″. 2022.

I am Ukrainka

A Ukrainian— this is what female migrant workers in Poland are usually called. The Ukranian is also a pseudonym of the prominent poet Lesya Ukrainka who, at the beginning of the 20th century, was active […]

TEXTUS. Embroidery, Textile, Feminism

The words “textile” and “text” come from the Latin word textus, meaning “fabric,” “connection,” and “interwoven.” Our culture evolved in such a way that it was mostly men who interwove words to create texts, as […]

What in me is Feminine?

Envisioning what it means ​to be a woman in society and what constitutes her as a woman has gone through drastic changes over the last century. Through emancipation, women have become independent in managing their […]


The subject of the exhibition is a feminist perspective on motherhood that aims to examine it through personal and public issues, to understand the situation of a woman who has accepted the responsibility to give […]


Exhibition Lockout presents artistic projects, which reveal hidden, or invisible, reality of labour as one of the most routine and important aspects of human life. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and transformations in […]