Ukrainian-Polish flag. Mural. Warsaw under Constraction X festival. 2018. Photo by Wojtek Radwanski.

By blending the colors of the Polish and Ukrainian flags, we get the fictitious flag of a non-existent country, but of an actually existing community. Migration flows are constantly destroying the imaginary order, overcoming geographical and linguistic boundaries. Nowadays, citizens of Poland and Ukraine are linked through close economic ties, historical memory and the personal lives of individuals. The “Ukrainian-Polish flag” is a symbolic embodiment of the idea of equality, which is extremely difficult to pursue in political life. It is possible, however, in art, for example by evenly mixing different colors of paint: blue with white makes azure, red and yellow — orange. The sentence “has not died yet” opens both the Polish and Ukranian national anthems. Why is it presented in English on the “Ukrainian-Polish flag”? Perhaps this is a sign of modern national independence.